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I spent my working life around engineers and in awe of the magic they could do. Once I'd worked around them enough, I realized there wasn't any magic to it at all, and set myself to the task of learning to use those tools for myself. What I found is that art is the means of expression through the use of technology; and by adding to the palette of techniques the things that can be expressed expand exponentially. I hope to touch on some of the process here, and make some of the tools I found useful more available to anyone. Technology belongs to us. By taking it and subverting it to our ends, we innovate.




A palette of bits to get work done, from a family of versatile digital ICs to custom solutions for a variety of prototyping challenges. Leveraging a network of additive and traditional manufacturing capabilities to enable the successful realization of conceptual expression within the framework of practical production methods.

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Prototype Development and open-source digital/analog design. Data gathering and telemetry for the sciences. Hardware hacking: Make X do Y. Imaging workflow optimization, onsite ICC profiling and color management. Product development and marketing. Publication project design and management. Invention. Creative thinking.

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