Putting experience to work


Product Development

In-house and on-site development and prototyping. Technology integration for digital/analog workspaces. Soldering coding screening casting angle grinding.


Correct color, suitable output methods, efficient process, proper workflow. From giclee to grand-format dye-sublimation, hands-on professional experience across the imaging industry: sales support to R&D to costumer-facing production management. Traditional screen printing, offset reproduction, digital inkjet (aqueous, dye sub, solvent, and UV), medium and grand-format operation, maintenance, calibration, demonstration, installation, and training. N-color and +white RIP technologies and ICC color profiling for all platforms, G7 certification, ISO auditing, multilingual and cross cultural support and sourcing.



Technically correct imagery with an aim toward reproduction. Gigabit-scale panoramics for wall-scale interiors, candids, product photography, fine art, architecture, portraiture, and stock.